If you are a newbie in poker or want to learn how to play poker, the first things you need to know about card abbreviations and their respective ranks. Poker revolves around a specific deck of cards which contains 52 cards; all have abbreviations or numbers on them. These abbreviations or numbers are the identities of the cards and tell a person what type of card it is. For a person to really be specified as a poker expert or even a poker player, the person will need to memorize the abbreviations of the cards, their respective ranks, the hands that these cards make up and the respective ranks of the hands.

Here are the abbreviations that are printed on the card and some of the combined abbreviations with respect to their ranks in order of highest to lowest.

A – Ace, also known as “bullet” sometimes
K – King, also referred to as the “cowboy”
Q – Queen
J – Jack, also known as “hook”
10 – Ten
9 – Nine
8 – Eight
7 – Seven
6 – Six
5 – Five
4 – Four
3 – Three
2 – Two, also known as a deuce or a duck depending on the variation of poker one is playing

Some combinations according to their ranks:

AA – A pair of aces or a pair of bullets
AK – Known as the ace and king or the big slick
A9 – The queen and nine, or better known as “suited”

The cards and card combinations, together, make up a hand and hands are also ranked in order to determine who wins a hand, or a round. The most common hands are listed and described below, according to their rank from highest to lowest.

Royal flush: A royal flush is indeed the best possible hand, which consists of the cards A-10 of the same suit such as the diamonds.
Straight flush: A straight flush is a hand where the components of a hand are of the same sui and appear consecutively in the rank chart.
Four of a kind: This hand has four cards which are of all different suits but are of the same abbreviation such as “K”.
Full house: A full house is a hand which contains three of the same cards from different suits along with two more same cards from different suits.
Flush: This hand contains of five or more cards.
Straight: A straight hand consists of cards that are from different suits but are in order.
Three of a kind (also known as a set or trips): This hand contains three cards of the same rank like three 9’s.
Two pairs: This hand has two pairs of the same rank.
One pair: This rank consists of one pair of the same rank.

There are many more hands in the amazing game of poker and all of them differ from each other. The reason for their being so many hands is because of the vast varieties of variations for this card game.

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