Poker is a game that involves individualistic play. The winner of the game is usually determined, by ranks and the combinations of their cards. But, there are some cards, which are hidden until, the end of the game. What determines the type of poker game that you are playing is: the number of cards that the player is dealing with, the number of cards that have been shared and the cards which have been hidden. Betting procedures are not the same; they vary between different poker games.

In today’s modern poker games, the first round starts with betting process. One of the players must make a forced bet (the blind and/or ante). When it comes to standard poker, each player is going to bet that his hand will be highest ranked. The game will proceed clockwise on the table. All players must match the bet or fold. If the player matches the bet, he can also increase increase the bet and ‘raise’. Incase all players fold but one, the remaining player will collect the pot. If there is more than one player who is going to stay in contention after the last betting round, the hands are going to be revealed and the player who will win is the one with the best hand.

Today the popularity of poker games has increased tremendously and it has grown from being a recreational activity to a popular spectator activity with multi dollar tournament prizes. Poker has different type of variations. All the variations have the same pattern of play and hand ranking hierarchy is usually the same. But, there are mainly four families of variants and they have classified by the protocol of the card dealing as well as betting.

One of the reasons why professional players win million of dollars in this game is because they use a lot of skills in playing the game. Whether the player is playing in the casino, online or in a poker room, it requires a lot of knowledge and information to win the game. Before playing the game it is good to know the best strategies to use to win the game and how to read your opponents. If you have enough knowledge about the game you will be in a good position to win the game. Therefore, it is vital to do a lot of research about the game.

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