Do nothing and play poker, you will be rich instantly. Yes that is what a game of chance means. There are odds as well; you can be stripped off totally. Let us be optimistic, and start playing with winning spirit. You can win as some of the top winning players have made money. So be hopeful and just start off.

Play vigorously and don’t lose heart, bid wisely and don’t double the blind right in the start. Hopefully you will win.

Just a minute, I gave you wrong suggestion. If you have won this amount, there will be somebody who lost it while playing. There must be many losers to contribute to your win. Don’t be one of those contributing losers. If someday you are losing money do not try to win it back, try some other day on other table with other people.

The casinos offer bright shining lights, are full with best dressed ladies and gentlemen carrying money in their suitcases ready to fight a money war on the velvet battlefield of card table. So the fight begins. A lot of hard effort is being put in to arrange the cards and guessing the strength of opponents.

Well here you are, you guessed your hand properly and put a stake boldly, you have won it. You are rich now. Be content with it today, enjoy the night and come again with fresh spirit.

If you hate desk job and wish to thrive on your luck playing poker only, you need to be a genius reading the facial expressions of other players, their moves and their own strategy. Whether you act taking the initiative or you react to moves of others, keep your emotions under control otherwise you will be purged of your money and you will never look back to a casino.

Gambling or poker is an intoxication and addiction of mind which thrives on hope. If you win, you can lose as well. Winners don’t listen to any advice how to improve; they believe in their own intuition and keep playing on. Losers never quit because they have lost their dear money and wish to win it back.

The best winning performances can motivate you and winning models as quoted above sit in your heart. You would wish to know what magical moves they followed and how they won. You can know it, but somehow cannot control the card deal and the hand you get.

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